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Carpeting in Winchester, VA

carpet flooring

Shopping for carpeting should be a warm and welcoming experience – much like the flooring itself. However, this is not the case at all carpet stores. That is why home and business owners come to our locally owned and operated store. We value your business and make it our mission to provide you with the assistance and information you need to make the right decision.

Our local franchise joins with 500 other stores across the nation to buy flooring products as a group. This gives us the buying power to demand competitive carpet prices and brand-name products from the top manufacturers. Come to our carpet store today to see our vast inventory of flooring products that are sure to meet your aesthetic and functional needs.

Wide Variety of Carpet Flooring

Everybody has different tastes when it comes to personal style. This extends to home décor. How you decorate your home offers an insight into your personality and the characteristics. Allow us to help you design a space that’s comfortable and well-suited to your personality. We offer a wide variety of different carpet style for you to choose from. Find carpeting all different colors, hues, patterns, and styles.

The effect carpeting can have on a room is amazing. If you’re thinking about renovating a room in your home, but don’t want to make any drastic changes, adding a carpet is a simple and effectual. Light and neutral colors make a small room appear bigger. This is because they don’t soak in the light, but rather reflect it. Light colors also add a relaxing and comfortable tone to a room. Colors, such as beige, sandstone, or light gray, are just a few examples of colors that make a space appear bigger than it actually is.

Dark colors, on the other hand, add a cozy effect to a room and absorb light. Additionally, a dark carpet can be beneficial if you have a busy household with small children and pets. Dark carpets hide stains much better than light carpets do.

Lastly, if you really want to make your carpet stand out you can purchase carpeting with colorful pattern and designs. Bold colors, such as orange, green, and blue captivate the eye of any visitor as soon as they step into a room. Our flooring store has a wide array of styles and patterns to browse though. For versatile carpet flooring, stop by our store and see our selection.

Find Surfaces to Help Soften Falls at Our Carpet Store

As far as surfaces go, nothing is quite as comfortable to sit on as carpet. As a result, it also makes it surface that is ideal for homes with small children and elderly parents. Slips and falls hurt, but they can be potentially dangerous if someone falls and lands in an uncomfortable position. The cushioning carpet provides helps to minimize the injuries associated with falls.

Added to its comfort and softness is its noise reduction capability. Phones, television sets, speakers, and even footsteps all produce noise that can sometimes be unwanted or distracting. Carpet creates a barrier that helps absorb sound. Place them on your surface and on the steps of your home to limit the noise when you’re walking up and down the steps.

Proper Carpet Installation Extends Flooring Lifespan

Did you know that a professional flooring installation extends the working life of your new flooring? This is because skilled and knowledgeable installation prevents damage and maximizes the beauty of your new carpeting. We want the experience you have living with your carpeting to be as enjoyable as it was to purchase your new flooring. For enduring beauty, we recommend a professional carpet installation. Let us send a team of installation specialists to your home, or business, to take care of this labor-intensive task for you.

Our professionals remove the old carpeting and afterwards, clean and inspect the subfloor. We install padding and carpeting over a subfloor that is structurally sound, so that you won’t have any trouble with your floors in the future. Rely on our installers to place the padding and carpeting, so that both are secure and stable.

In addition to our installation, we also offer a comprehensive warranty program. Your complete and total satisfaction is important to us, which is why we go to great lengths to ensure both are achieved. Our Confidence Plus Warranty allows you to replace your carpet if you’re not happy with it. If, after living on one of our 4 or 5 Star rated floors, you’re not satisfied with it, let us know and we’ll replace it for you on our dime. We also offer a Price Protection Guarantee. We’re committed to offering the lowest prices in the area. If you find a product of the same style and brand at a competitor’s store for a lower price, let us know and we’ll refund you the difference.

Choosing Residential & Commercial Carpet

Come to us for sales and installation of residential and commercial carpet. We offer a huge selection of carpeting for a wide variety of applications. On our staff, we have a number of flooring experts, who are here to help you choose the carpet that meets your needs. Let us know your design preferences and maintenance requirements. Our carpet store has a wide range of options that are sure to please you.

Commercial-grade carpeting is manufactured to withstand heavy foot traffic and wear well under continuous use. This type of flooring is designed for high performance and low maintenance. Since our experienced flooring professionals possess comprehensive product knowledge, we can recommend brands and styles that work well in your place of business. 

In addition to carpets for businesses, we offer design and sales assistance in choosing this flooring option for your home. Whether you prefer sumptuous carpets for a formal living room, stain-resistant flooring for the family room, or something in-between, we are confident we have exactly what you need.

Protect Your Flooring with Area Rugs

For practical and aesthetic considerations, be sure to include area rugs on the floors of your home or business. These appealing rugs protect all types of flooring, including carpeting, and provide a finishing touch to any space.

Place area rugs underneath the legs of furniture to safeguard your flooring. This simple step maintains your floors in pristine condition. However, area rugs also add color and flair to a room. Ask our design professionals for help in selecting rugs that beauty and unify any room in your house. We carry a wonderful selection of styles, colors, and patterns of area rugs and carpets.


Contact us today to see samples of handsome and resilient carpeting for your home or business. We proudly serve customers in Winchester, Strasburg, Stephens City, and Middletown, Virginia, and Martinsburg West Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

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